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Discussing Race in the Classroom

Support your students in engaging with the topic of race in a safe and constructive way.

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About this event:

Single Session

Our single professional learning sessions are designed to easily fit into your day. Typically one hour or less, these sessions explore timely and relevant topics including teaching strategies, current events, and more.


This professional learning event will be led by Facing History staff. When you register, you will receive instructions for how to attend the event.

English & Language Arts History Social Studies
Culture & Identity Human & Civil Rights Racism Resistance
Equity Education

Race is often regarded as a difficult topic to discuss in the classroom. This perception means that teachers shy away from broaching this important issue and exploring the effects that race and racism have on young people and wider society. This is problematic as students need to be able to discuss race, their experiences and their perceptions, if they are to challenge racism in the world around them.

Join us for a one-hour conversation in which we will provide activities and resources for helping students discuss race in the classroom in a supported and reflective way, and where there will be the opportunity to share experiences with and learn from other teachers. 

This event is for teachers in the UK.

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