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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Facing History & Ourselves is deeply committed to celebrating diversity and investing in equitable and inclusive education and practices. These values give us strength as individuals and allow us to deliver meaningful and relevant professional work.

Facing History & Ourselves believes in the inherent dignity of each and every human being. We are founded on the belief that education must prepare students to be informed and empowered civic participants. Key to this work is creating classrooms that nurture bravery, compassion, curiosity, empathy, and hope. We ensure students gain an understanding of the threats of racism, antisemitism, and other forms of discrimination in order to help shape a more equitable and inclusive world.

Our success as an organization is directly tied to the diversity of our staff, leadership, educators, students, scholars, and volunteers. We are committed to building and maintaining a community that emphasizes full participation and promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion. This commitment includes the belief that complex, often difficult conversations are at the heart of a thriving democracy. Facing History respects each individual and we honor the many backgrounds and perspectives of our network. We all share a vision of a society guided by knowledge and compassion, not bigotry and hate.

We define Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion as follows:

DIVERSITY promotes representation of a rich variety of identities, lived experiences, and characteristics—both visible and internal—that make people unique.

EQUITY adjusts structures, processes, and norms in order to distribute power and resources. A community dedicated to this ideal is one whose members continuously examine the roles that privilege and positionality play in both historical and present-day inequities, striving to repair this imbalance.

INCLUSION is the conscious decision to create a nurturing climate where similarities and differences are respected and supported so that everyone feels welcome.

At Facing History, our charge is to remain accountable to these principles in our operations and strategy as we steward positive change for humanity.

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