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Marchers with signs at the March on Washington, 1963

Learning for Everyone

Building a more just and equitable future calls on each of us to make choices rooted in knowledge and compassion. Join our global learning community and help make that future a reality.

Face History With Us

Facing History & Ourselves is more than a name. It is an active and continuous process through which we connect the choices of the past to those we face today. Are you ready to face history with us?

Our professional learning introduces educators to resources and scholarship that lead to increased student engagement and teacher efficacy.

Our classroom approach provides a blueprint for discussing difficult topics with empathy and understanding. We investigate our shared history and what we can do to navigate issues of hate, division, and trauma amidst the growing demand for social change. 

And, we know that our methods can be applied in community groups, global settings, the workplace, and beyond. 


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Becoming a Multiracial Democracy with Eddie Glaude

Eddie Glaude speaks.

Becoming a Multiracial Democracy with Eddie Glaude

Our resources are vital as we process current events and seek to make connections with our historical context.

Creating Brave & Thoughtful Spaces

We work with students, educators, families, and leaders in the public and private sectors to create brave and thoughtful spaces and foster conversation about challenging subjects. 

The exchange of ideas, perspectives, and arguments is essential to democratic and humane societies. Seeking out and leaning into such conversations is critical, but we know it isn’t always easy.

A high school student is standing up and speaking in an auditorium filled with people

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Outstanding learning opportunities. Thought-provoking conversations. Inspiring stories from students and teachers. Join us for an upcoming event and experience the power of Facing History. 

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[Facing History events have] helped me understand what difference needs to be made and how I can do my part for a better community, country, and world.
— Facing History Community Member