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Programs & Partners

Facing History & Ourselves is proud to partner with organizations across sectors to accomplish our work, scale our impact worldwide, and develop programs for the diverse school communities we serve. Facing History’s programs guide our innovation and scholarship and our valued partners help us to scale our impact worldwide.

Featured Program Areas

Our featured program areas represent our commitment to developing resources and professional learning to serve the diverse needs of educators across the globe.

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It is professional development like this that allows us to develop and change our language in terms of what racism looks like in our country, our schools.
— Participant, Teaching for Equity and Justice Workshop

How Do We Restore, Repair, Reconstruct, and Redress?

In this session from the 2021 Global Summit, scholars ask why a multifaceted approach for societal repair is needed, create space with poetry, and examine German efforts to atone for Nazi atrocities. 

Global Partners

We partner with educational leaders, civil society organizations, departments and ministries of education, and intergovernmental organizations worldwide to address historical injustices and their legacies, social divisions, racism, sectarianism, antisemitism, and other forms of identity-based hatred.

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Program & Content Partners

We partner with civic learning, media literacy, educational, and cultural institutions.

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