Global Partners | Facing History & Ourselves

Global Partners

Our partners are in Colombia, France, Mexico, Northern Ireland, and South Africa.

We partner with educational leaders, civil society organizations, departments and ministries of education, and intergovernmental organizations worldwide to address historical injustices and their legacies, social divisions, racism, sectarianism, antisemitism, and other forms of identity-based hatred.

With our partners, we have:

  • developed country-wide programs and national curricular reforms. 
  • convened global summits with education leaders on pressing topics, including democracy and education, facing the violent past and its legacies, and transitional justice.
  • led research and written extensively on adolescent civic and ethical development in divided societies and the role of education in transitional justice.
  • launched country-wide civil society programs to confront identity-based hatred, including racism, antisemitism, and homophobia.
  • supported system-wide and whole school work to create racially equitable, inclusive, and just learning environments.
  • created resources and methods that educators use to teach civics, humanities, history, and English Language Arts courses, as well as subjects specific to their national curricula. 
  • worked with intergovernmental organizations to address global citizenship, Holocaust education, antisemitism, countering violent extremism, and facing the violent past through history education.