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Explore our resources and support to get started with using Facing History’s curriculum and approach.

If you are just beginning your journey with Facing History, these resources will provide you with an introduction to key concepts, strategies, and tools to incorporate our pedagogy into your practice.

“It completely changed the lens through which I teach.”

Facing History educator Sandra Derstein-Desai leads class.

“It completely changed the lens through which I teach.”

Sandra Derstine-Desai, Teacher, Tech Boston Academy High School, on a Facing History professional development session.

Start with Yourself

Facing History classrooms are built on a foundation of supportive relationships between educators and their students and within the classroom community as a whole. 

Building the trust needed to establish a successful learning community begins with an educator’s own curiosity and self-reflection. Becoming aware of one’s beliefs, values, biases, politics, and emotional responses, empowers educators to be thoughtful about how these forces and factors influence their interactions with and expectations of their students.

Most teachers are willing and wanting to tackle the difficult topics, but we need the tools.
— Gabriela Calderon-Espinal, Teacher, Bay Shore High School, Bay Shore, NY

Educators who bring Facing History into their classrooms see outcomes far beyond when the lesson ends.

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