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Students sit around a table working on a big paper activity while receiving feedback from an educator.

Prepare to Teach

Together, we can encourage students in the classroom to be upstanders outside of the classroom.

Teaching With Facing History

We help educators prepare students to participate in civic life—to use their intellect, empathy, ethics, and choice to stand up to bigotry and hate in their own lives, communities, and schools. Our approach helps students understand that history is made by the decisions they make every day. 

There are as many ways to integrate Facing History into your curriculum as there are classrooms. You can start independently with our artifacts and lesson plans or our self-paced courses. Or, connect with peers in an expert-led professional learning event.

We invite you to explore how Facing History can support you in your teaching journey. 

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Education is the key to success, and to better yourself.
An educator speaks with a classroom full of middle school students.
An educator writes with markers on a large piece of paper in a classroom. On another paper in large letters is "Universe of Obligation."
Two educators in conversation at a professional learning event.

“Facing History completely changed the lens through which I teach.”

—Sandra D., Educator

“I’ve learned so much from Facing History.”

—Leah M., Educator

“When teachers come back from Facing History PD they feel refreshed and inspired to teach.”

—Emily F, Principal

What can we do to bridge differences, and stand up to bigotry and hate?

We can learn.

Get Started

Are you new to Facing History, or ready to teach a familiar topic in a new way? These resources will provide the background and context you need to get started.

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Connecting with Students in Chicago Public School

Facing History educator Tareeq Rasheed speaks.

Connecting with Students in Chicago Public School

Facing History resources help teacher Marilen Corres “give a voice to the voiceless” in her social studies classes — and help students have “that lightbulb moment.”


We see deep learning happen in classrooms where students feel safe engaging with you, the material, and with each other. We offer best-in-class resources and professional learning opportunities to build your classroom community and develop critical thinking skills, empathy, and civic engagement.

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Our learners will change the world

Throughout history, young people have yearned for a future free of bigotry and hate. Listen to stories from Facing History students about the impact Facing History had on their lives, and how they’ll use what they learned to make a better tomorrow.

Deztinee G. speaks on stage.
Iyonna M. speaks on stage.
Javier N. speaks on stage.

Deztinee G.

Iyonna M.

Javier N.


Including reflection in your teaching practice and your lesson plans is a key component of the Facing History teaching and learning model. Our resources help you develop a consistent practice of reflective thinking and action with your class.

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Self-reflection can help us “face ourselves,” which requires confronting the beliefs, biases, and underlying assumptions that influence our work as educators.

A New Approach to Teaching the Reconstruction Era, Facing History summer seminar



Facing History’s impact is felt more deeply the more educators learn and grow together. Our professional learning offers a space where educators can listen, learn, and help each other as we work to use learning as a powerful tool against bigotry and hate.  

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Do you have a team of teachers who want to teach Facing History together?

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