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How It Works

Every day, Facing History teachers and students deeply engage in their classrooms, bravely face history together, and actively participate in their communities.

Partnering with Educators

At Facing History, we understand the pressure educators face in today's world.

We partner with educators to provide the tools they need to grow professionally and create inclusive, brave classrooms for their students.

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Shaping a better future requires a different kind of classroom.

What’s the difference between learning history and facing history?

Facing history is a way to connect history, identity, and choice.

Our Unique Approach

We combine a unique learning model with engaging and effective learning experiences. Our unique approach helps teachers and students meet a wide range of educational outcomes.

Our teachers create inclusive classrooms where students find their voice and develop an ethical and engaged civic identity. And, as our students explore history, they see how the past connects the world they live in, and how their choices today become our tomorrow.

An educator teaches to a room of middle schoolers from the front of the classroom.
Two students in conversation with each other. Both are smiling.
Two high school students look at a laptop screen in a school library

"Facing History is a guide for how I conduct my classroom."

—Michelle L, Teacher

"I’ve seen the results. I know that it works.”

—Kerrith G., School Principal

"Facing History allows students to dive into deep and interesting and controversial history, but it also gives them the tools to connect it to contemporary issues that they face every single day.”

—Alayna W., Teacher

Expert Guidance

Education is always evolving. Today's teachers are under pressure to adapt to the changing circumstances of their students and the world. Our expert guidance can help.

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Facing History has provided me invaluable resources and ideas to create meaningful and important learning experiences for my students.
— Facing History Educator

Teaching Resources

We work closely with scholars and educators to design teaching resources that are relevant to the challenges that educators and students face each day.

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Learning for Everyone

Everyone has a role to play in standing up to bigotry and hate. Though our approach was built to serve teachers and students first, we know that it can be applied in community groups, global settings, the workplace, and beyond. Find the right learning event for you.

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There are many ways to be part of Facing History.

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