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Facing History and Ourselves at 40

Facing History and Ourselves gives educators and students the skills to approach today’s difficult issues with empathy, through the lens of history. We believe that by empowering young people to make ethical choices, they will become Upstanders, rather than bystanders. They will change the world for the better.

We’ve been doing this for 40 years, and it’s never been more important. Here are three easy ways you can help us Pave the Way.

Community Conversations are your way to join thought-leaders and community members in a dialog around today's most pressing issues.  

It’s not your standard dinner when you’re celebrating 40 years. Learn and get inspired while helping pave the way for more students.

We’ll be pioneering an online "game for social change" that asks you to reimagine the future of empathy.

Facing Today - Fostering Civil Discourse

In the midst of a divisive United States presidential election and ongoing issues related to race, justice, and policing, educators are rightly concerned about the lessons that today’s middle and high school students might be absorbing.

Educators have an essential role to play in creating classrooms where students learn to listen respectfully to different opinions and experiences, try out ideas and positions, and give—and get—constructive feedback without fear or intimidation. Read how one educator approached creating a safe classroom space for rigorous and informed debate on current events.

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Facing History has long championed the idea (and definition) of the Upstander. We know that the heroes we need today don't need superpowers, they need to speak up in the face of injustice. Use this video to introduce us to your friends, family, and neighbors and see if they agree with our definition.

Facing History Together

Facing History teaches us to think about the world in new ways, igniting ongoing conversations about how we can build a society free from racism, religious intolerance, bullying, and hatred of all kinds. When we face history together, we create a better future. Let’s talk.


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