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Building a more just and equitable future calls on each of us to understand ourselves and our choices. Join our global learning community and help make that future a reality.

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Facing History classrooms are transformative settings, where young people strengthen their analytical skills and examine their and others’ lived experiences. And, we know that when they study choices of the past, students are inspired to make informed and compassionate decisions today.

People make choices. Choices make history.
“I’ve witnessed firsthand the impact of Facing History on teachers and students. I was especially blown away by the inspiring young people who were able to contextualize history and connect it to the choices we make today.”

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Our Impact

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    93% of Facing History leadership group students agreed that it is important to work for positive social change.
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    95% of students in Facing History partner schools have observed ways that Facing History positively impacts their school community.
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    Students in a Facing History classroom were 94% more likely than their peers to report that the class motivated them to learn.

What can we do to stop bigotry and hate?

We can stand up.

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“After learning all I have learned, I know now that I cannot just stand by and watch things happen.”

—Dayauna B., Facing History Student, Massachusetts

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“The Facing History class helped me to see that history is more than something that happened in the past.”

—Claire L., Facing History Student, Ohio

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"[W]e wanted to have a theme of civic engagement and social justice, and knew that Facing History was the best way to do that.”

—Meredith Garvin, Co-Founder, New Haven Academy

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Facing History supports educators by equipping them with the tools and resources they need to engage students in exploring who they are and the power of the choices they make. We have a dynamic slate of current content and program partners we work with to produce top-quality learning materials as well as a wide-range of individual, corporate and foundation partners that support our work.

Together with our team, all of our partners enable us to continue working toward a world where every student can experience Facing History’s unique and effective classroom approach.

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Investing in Facing History is a powerful way for companies to have a deep impact on building equitable learning spaces and civic engagement in both their local communities and on a national scale.

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