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Two teachers are talking in the school hall as they walk to their next lesson together.

School & District Programs

Our industry-leading programs help improve academic outcomes, increase student engagement, and strengthen school culture.

Do you envision school communities that encourage deep learning, foster student agency, and prepare young people to thrive in a diverse and interconnected world?

Facing History & Ourselves school and district programs are designed to help you make that vision a reality.

Our proven approach is both academically rigorous and emotionally engaging. Backed by nearly 50 years of data about student learning and engagement, our training and teaching materials provide standards-aligned curricula that promote civic skills, prosocial behavior and academic success. 

What you can expect when you partner with us

All of our programs are designed to help you achieve the following outcomes:

  • Nurture student-centered classroom communities
  • Promote inquiry-based learning, perspective-taking, and deliberative skills
  • Establish identity and belonging as central to students' academic learning
  • Foster empathy, ethical reflection, moral reasoning, and civic agency

Whether you are seeking innovative and research-backed teaching materials or looking for a time-tested professional learning partner for your staff, we have a program that will fit your needs.

School and District Programs

Introductory Professional Development

Our robust collection of introductory professional development workshops are led by experienced educators who are steeped in our approach and materials. Our introductory workshops range from 90 minutes to a full day of dynamic, hands-on learning for teachers.

From sessions on our core materials for social studies and ELA to full-staff offerings focused on navigating crucial conversations and the principles of equitable education, these programs are a great way to provide industry-leading professional development across a department, a whole school, or a full district. 

See our List of Introductory Workshops

Watch this one-minute video

Participants of professional development standing with papers in their hands, talking to one another.

When I went to my first Facing History seminar or professional development meeting, I really didn't know anything about it. So I had very, very low expectations due to previous disappointments.

What was unique about it to me initially was just the immediate understanding because the people I was working with had been in my shoes already.

When teachers come back from Facing History PD, they say, "oh my God, it was the best PD I've ever been to." They feel really refreshed and rejuvenated and inspired to teach.

We've sent English teachers, social studies teachers, also math teachers, seminar teachers to various Facing History PDs. Um and I've never had anyone come back with a negative reaction to a Facing History PD.

Watch this one-minute video

And hear what educators have to say about Facing History & Ourselves professional development.

District Curriculum Partnerships

Our District Curriculum Partnerships offer a comprehensive approach to implementing our industry-leading resources across your district and support your work to promote increased academic success, prosocial behavior, and civic skills. Each partnership includes:

  • Fully developed teaching materials and lesson plans, plus detailed teacher and student facing guides to support implementation of one of our core curriculum offerings for social studies, ELA, civics, and other humanities units 
  • Dynamic and engaging staff training for all educators who will be implementing the curriculum to introduce them to the material and give them hands-on guidance for how to integrate our materials in their classrooms.  
  • Ongoing support including follow-up coaching with implementing teachers, online office hours with Facing History program staff, and additional self-paced professional learning sessions.

Interested in what a curriculum partnership could look like in your district ?

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Whole School Partnerships

Our whole-school partnership model for middle and high schools, Schools Where We Belong, integrates student-centered teaching practices throughout school culture and curriculum. 

This flexible two-year partnership

  • Combines best-in-class instructional materials and professional development to help schools promote civic engagement and support deep academic learning.
  • Equips school leaders and classroom teachers to foster inclusion, belonging and adopt more equitable educational practices and mindsets. 
  • Supports students in gaining analytical skills, empathy, civic responsibility, and the belief that they can make a difference in the world.

Ready to dive in and see our approach in action?

Join an Explorations workshop.

Developing Strong School Leadership

Over the last few years we’ve heard from teachers, administrators, and other education leaders that building a safe and inclusive school community is a top-priority. But we know that for most school leaders juggling the day-in and day-out demands can make this important work feel daunting. 

Join one of our upcoming professional learning events for school leaders, which are designed to help superintendents, associate superintendents, principals, heads of school, department heads and other leaders intentionally hold time to work through current challenges and develop a community of practice with other leaders like them from around the country. 

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