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The Classroom Experience

Facing History classrooms are brave and engaging learning environments that inspire students to participate in civic life.

Students are the center of every Facing History classroom. Our curriculum, designed for use in middle and high schools, is challenging and meaningful. Facing History works because we engage the mind, heart, and conscience of young people during a critical time in their moral development. Our approach promotes trust, collaboration, participationn and academic skill development. 

In Facing History classrooms, students study challenging historical and current events, analyze primary sources, and read compelling literature and text. They develop skills that help them think critically, grow emotionally, act ethically, and participate in democracy and civic life.

A Look into the Classroom

See students engaged in their learning and hear them talk about how their Facing History classroom experience has helped them become more thoughtful civic participants and Upstanders in their communities.

The way Facing History works, it’s not just the teacher giving you information, it’s the teacher doing hands on activities and working with you. I’m grateful that I have an environment where I can actually have a conversation or start a conversation with a group of students and have them be passionate about it as well.
— Ruby G., Facing History student

In Facing History classrooms, students don’t just learn how to use their voices, they build the skills they need to engage in difficult discussions and make empathetic, informed choices that will shape their future.


83% of Facing History partner school students agreed that they have at least one teacher who cares about them and helps them.


 77% of students agree that their Facing History course increased their capacity to stand up for what they believe in, even when others disagree.


One of the first steps to building a Facing History classroom community is establishing shared expectations about how classroom members will treat each other by creating a classroom contract. 

Get the teaching strategy
We work closely with scholars and educators to design learning experiences and teaching resources that are relevant to the challenges that educators and students face each day.
— Facing History & Ourselves

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