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Facing History’s unique approach to teaching academics with the explicit goal of developing civic agency in adolescents has proven outcomes in the classroom and beyond. Our resources will help you add dimension to your practice by amplifying equity and justice, social-emotional learning, and civic education.

Implement Facing History in your Classroom

From standalone activities to complete collections, our best-in-class curricular resources help educators promote students’ analytical thinking skills, empathy, and engagement with key civic and social issues. 

We also offer professional learning opportunities focused on equity, civics, social-emotional learning, and school leadership to help you get the most out of Facing History’s resources.

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We Succeed Together. 

Teachers and Facing History share a mission and values. We want to use our history, social studies, English language arts, and other classroom content to prepare students to recognize and stand up to bigotry and hate when they witness it. Our students work together to create space in their classrooms that encourage empathy, kindness, respect, and curiosity. 

Facing History works toward this shared mission and values every day, and has found measurable, positive results. You can learn more about the impact of this work in our impact report. 

Whenever I try to figure out how to make sense of this world for my students, my touchstone is always Facing History.
— Tracy Garrison-Feinberg, Teacher, Brooklyn Prospect Charter School (Brooklyn, NY)

Empowering Students in the Classroom and Beyond

Educators know that what their students learn in the classroom affects how they view contemporary issues. Facing History helps educators connect history to what’s happening in the world today. After participating in a Facing History classroom, many of our students are inspired to put the values they have developed into practice in their communities. 

Learn More from a Facing History Educator

Facing History educator Alayna W. speaks.

Keep up with Facing History to learn more about how our educator resources and learning opportunities connect the past with the history being made today.

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