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Facing History & Ourselves United Kingdom

We provide academically rigorous resources, effective student-centred teaching strategies, and training for teachers.

Standing Up for Democracy

Education is key to ensuring young people can create and protect healthy democracies. These 15 lessons inspire students to stand up for their democracy and foster in them the critical thinking skills and mutual respect.. Ideal for use in the Religious Studies, Citizenship, or PSHE classroom teachers can use them as a whole unit or select the lessons that fit with existing schemes of work.


Facing History UK offers Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and training to History, English, Religious Studies, Citizenship and PSHE teachers. Explore free teaching resources that boost students' academic performance, critical thinking and classroom engagement.

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Our Impact

External evaluation has proven that Facing History transforms students, classrooms, and schools.

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    Facing History students are 94% more likely than other students to report that their class motivated them to learn.
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    93% of Facing History students agree/strongly agree that it is important to get involved in improving their community.
  • Purple pie chart showing 96% shaded.
    96% Facing History students agree/strongly agree that it is important to challenge inequalities in society.

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"Those taking GCSE Citizenship were mostly our lower achieving students, but they managed to outperform the higher achieving students. It is not something I’ve managed to achieve using any other resources or techniques so far."

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We support teachers across the United Kingdom help students make the essential connection between history and the moral choices they confront in their own lives.

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