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Leadership Council

Leadership Council members further Facing History’s mission through ambassadorship and philanthropy.

These committed volunteer leaders are an integral part of growing our impact, offering invaluable counsel to the Board of Directors and staff and building relationships with colleagues, community leaders, and potential partners. By giving of their time and talent, each member plays an important role in advancing our mission.

Seth A. Klarman
Emeritus Chair

Richard A. Smith ◆
Emeritus Chair

Julie Abrams Leff

Colette Bablon Ament

Gary Angel

Jennifer Aubrey

Pascale E. Berner

Phyllis Berz

Susan G. Block

Frank Britt

Lynda Bussgang

Amy Carlson

Ellen B. Carmell

Sandra D. Carpenter*

Ronald G. Casty

Ceci Chan

Anla Cheng

Beth Clymer

Reggie Crenshaw

Matt Damon

Samantha Perry David

Jill Dimitrief

Michael S. Feldberg

William D. Feldman

David P. Fialkow

Melinda Fine

Walter G. Freedman

Ruthanne Fuller

Leslie Gilbert-Lurie

Judy Goldman

Marina Gorbis

Michael L. Gordon

Ilyse Greenberg

Steve Grossman*

Rita S. Halbright

Karen Harrison

Judy Heyboer

Ira A. Jackson*

Elizabeth E. Jick

Anne Conway Juster

Paul R. Kanin

Susan Kaufman

Marty Kelman

Beth S. Klarman

Maja Kristin

Lawrence M. Levy

Karen Secunda Levy

Joanna Lipman

Michael B. Lowenstein

Keith Magee

Richard Melcher

Evan Meyers

James F. Mooney III

Lisa Mooney

Jo Ann & Stuart Nathan*

Jane C. Och

Erin Ostrow

Tracy Palandjian

Andrew S. Pauly

Richard Perry

Kathy Richland Pick

Ellen M. Poss, MD*

Ryan Prince

Bernard Pucker

Michael Pucker

Eddie Reynolds*

Carrie Richman

Bruce Rigal

Terrence Roberts

Simone Rodan-Benzaquen

Charles Rudnick

Thomas A. Russo

Michael K. Sapers

Glenn Sessoms

Connie Shapiro

Lesley Shore

Marjorie Simon

Dana W. Smith

Robert A. Smith

Jody Snider

Kenneth A. Sweder

Dorothy P. Tananbaum

Susan W. Tofias, MSW

Karen Tucker

Dora Ullian

Sharon Weintraub

Rebecca Westerfield

Nancy R. Wilsker

Effective as of October 11, 2022

* Honorary Trustees


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