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  • April 30, Los Angeles, CA - Join us for a Community Conversation with Anthony Chavez, grandson of legendary activist Cesar Chavez, about how communities can honor and grow upstander behavior.
  • Breaking Poetry Out of the English Classroom: This Facing History educator uses poetry in her Social Studies classroom to spark creativity and passion among students.
  • Introducing “To Kill a Mockingbird” to your classroom? These 3 classroom-ready activities help students consider how the setting, characters’ point-of-view, and even their own life experience, can factor into a critical read of this classic novel.
  • Can Music be an Agent of Change? Our four-part “Sounds of Change” blog series explores how the the lyrical sounds of soul music intertwined with the complex social changes of the 1950s and 60s.
  • “The biggest roadblock to action on genocide and other human rights crimes is ignorance.” - John Prendergast. For Genocide Awareness and Prevention Month, introduce this difficult but important topic into your classroom with these four resources.

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    April, 2015
    Teaching about Religion in Public School Settings
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    May, 2015
    Denver/Rocky Mountain States Benefit Dinner 2015
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    June, 2015
    Holocaust and Human Behavior Online Course