Experience Facing History

  • Our new publication “Washington's Rebuke to Bigotry,” inspires thoughtful conversation about religious freedom in our increasingly diverse society.
  • Learn about the Reconstruction in less than two hours. Our seven-part video lesson series is designed to provide insight into this complex history in an easy-to-use format.
  • We’re heading to Poland! Educators are invited to join Facing History staff in 2016 on an EF Educational Tour to explore compelling questions about history, memory, and legacy.
  • For teachers, by teachers: three educators show how our content can be organized into literacy-rich assignments while meeting Common Core State Standards.
  • Bullying, Peer Pressure and Exclusion: a middle-school teacher uses Facing History and Ourselves to confront tough issues in his classroom.

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  • 17
    August, 2015
    Race and Membership in U.S. History: From Segregation to Civil Rights
  • 19
    August, 2015
    CHC2 Canadian History through a Facing History Lens
  • 28
    September, 2015
    Teaching the Universal Declaration of Human Rights