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  • Sixty years ago, Emmett Till’s murder helped spur the Civil Rights Movement. Bring this key moment in American History into your classroom.
  • Three Ways to Make Your Classroom Contract More Effective: Help students understand and own the behaviors and expectations that will help everyone succeed.
  • Take your next professional development with Facing History, and discover strategies for your classroom that engage and inspire. Register now for fall and winter courses. We've got in-person or online options to fit your busy schedule.
  • Education Is Power: How a Facing History class helped hip hop artist Chels find her voice after Katrina.
  • “[Reconstruction is] a story of how ordinary people facing very difficult odds tried to create a better society.” —American Historian Eric Foner​

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  • 26
    September, 2015
    A New Approach to Teaching To Kill a Mockingbird
  • 21
    October, 2015
    Armenian Genocide and International Justice
  • 29
    October, 2015
    The Reconstruction Era and the Fragility of Democracy