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  • New study published in the Teachers College Record shows that Facing History helps students develop critical thinking skills, and fosters academic and civic growth.
  • Holocaust Remembrance Day:  Our core work, Facing History's Holocaust and Human Behavior, investigates the forces that undermined democracy in Germany, betrayed a generation of young people, and ultimately led to the Holocaust.
  • Facing History has 10 offices around the globe, and has a presence in 150 countries worldwide.
  • Armenian Genocide: ninety-nine years later, the genocide of the Armenians marks an important turning point in the history of genocide prevention, international law, and human rights.

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    April, 2014
    New England Benefit Dinner 2014
  • 6
    May, 2014
    Matt Shepard is a Friend of Mine: Film Screening & Community Conversation
  • 8
    May, 2014
    Slavery By Another Name: A Community Conversation with Douglas A. Blackmon