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Combating Erasive Hate: Jewish Identity in the Face of Antisemitism

Join us to learn about erasive antisemitism. The webinar panel will discuss the significance of pride in Jewish identity and challenging narratives that fuel antisemitism.



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Antisemitism Culture & Identity Racism

Ben M. Freeman and Sara Yacobi-Harris delved into the complexities of erasive antisemitism, analyzing its impact on Jewish individuals and communities. This subtle form of antisemitism strips the Jewish identity of individuals and/or erases the history of the Jewish People. The panel discussed the significance of fostering a sense of pride in Jewish identity and challenging the narratives that fuel antisemitism in order to counteract these destructive forces.


Ben M. Freeman

Educator, Author

Headshot of Ben Freeman

Sara Yacobi-Harris

Founder, Educator, Artist

Headshot of Sara Yacobi-Harris

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