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Year-Long Supplemental Programs

Integrate Facing History’s unique pedagogy and high quality instructional materials throughout your English Language Arts or Social Studies course.

Whether you are a classroom teacher planning your year or an administrator looking to bring high quality instructional materials into your school or district, Facing History has curriculum and professional learning to meet your needs.

Our year-long supplemental programs provide:

  1. Flexible resources spanning grades 7-12

  2. Balance of core academic skill development with social-emotional learning and civic engagement

  3. Text sets, inquiries, single lessons, or multi-week units

  4. Expertly curated primary source material and literature, including poetry, short stories and readings

Organized thematically and guided by compelling guiding questions and learning objectives, our supplemental curriculum is designed to be woven into your existing English Language Arts or Social Studies curriculum.

Students will explore the meaning of democracy through case studies and inquiries that examine America’s founding and the Reconstruction era or discover what it means to “come of age” with text sets that probe themes of identity and belonging.

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