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Discussion in a South African classroom.

Facing History & Ourselves in South Africa

We partner with Shikaya to support educators, school leaders, and administrators to create classrooms, schools, and systems that nurture a vibrant multiracial democracy.

Facing History & Ourselves began working in South Africa in 2003, less than ten years after the country’s first democratic election.

In partnership with Shikaya, a non-governmental organization based in Cape Town, we provide essential resources and training to educators, preservice teachers, school leaders, civil society organizations, and provincial and national Department of Education representatives. Together, we support the development of compassionate, informed, and active democratic citizens.

Our work addresses the urgent need to continue the process of transformation that began in the wake of apartheid and in the early years of democracy. This includes teacher training and curricular implementation, working with school leaders on diversity and belonging policies, training whole school staff to promote inclusive school culture, and direct work with students to nurture their civic voices and participation.

Facing History has influenced the direction of South Africa’s National History Curriculum, ensuring the inclusion of topics such as the study of eugenics and racial ideology and the U.S. Civil Rights Movement.


Schools in South Africa with Facing History trained educators


Educators in South Africa using Facing History resources

“Teaching democratic values is not contained in a series of lessons; it is a lifestyle, an ethos that one creates in classrooms and the school as a whole.”
— Roy Hellenberg, educator, school leader, and co-author of A School Where I Belong

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