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For members of the Board of Directors, Leadership Council, Board of Scholars, and Advisory Boards to learn about our governing documents, leadership role descriptions, and member lists.

By-Laws This legal document is the roadmap for our organization's actions. The Second Restated By-Laws of Facing History were adopted on November 13, 2015.

Conflict of Interest Policy Designed to identify real and potential conflicts of interest on the part of the leadership of Facing History & Ourselves. All members of the Board of Directors and senior staff are required to disclose any potential conflicts of interest.

Board of Directors Charge The Board of Directors is Facing History’s fiduciary body charged with overseeing the affairs and exercising all powers of the corporation.

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Leadership Council Charge Leadership Council members further Facing History’s mission through ambassadorship and philanthropy. These committed volunteer leaders are an integral part of growing our impact, offering invaluable counsel to the Board of Directors and staff and building relationships with colleagues, community leaders, and potential partners. By giving of their time and talent, each member plays an important role in advancing our mission.

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Board of Scholars Charge The Board of Scholars supports the work of Facing History & Ourselves by helping to ensure the quality of the organization’s educational resources and programming. Board members contribute to Facing History’s mission by serving as thought partners, strategic advisors, project advisors, speakers, and ambassadors.

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Advisory Boards → Regional Advisory Boards are key ambassadors to the local community, securing financial support and building awareness of Facing History.

Advisory Board Chairs Charge

Advisory Board Members Charge

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