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Learn more about how Facing History & Ourselves works to support teachers and students across the United Kingdom and how you can get involved.

The rising incidence of hate crimes, the increase in political polarisation, the continued prevalence of systemic oppressions, and the widespread presence of fake news highlight the fragility of our communities, and the need to keep renewing and strengthening our democracy together.

Through rigorous historical analysis combined with the study of human behaviour, Facing History’s pedagogy heightens students’ understanding of racism, religious intolerance, and prejudice; increases students’ ability to relate the lessons of history and literature to their own lives; and promotes greater understanding of their roles and responsibilities in a democracy.

Facing History lessons make a real, tangible difference. I see my students questioning each other, challenging each other, holding one another to account in professional, emotionally intelligent, and mature ways. And I see this all unfolding as the lessons develop.
— Facing History RS and Citizenship teacher

We support teachers across the United Kingdom help students make the essential connection between history and the moral choices they confront in their own lives.

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