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Rafe Offer, Facing History UK Trustee.

Rafe Offer


Rafe Offer is a trustee and chairs the UK Advisory Board. This is his first leadership role with Facing History & Ourselves CIO but he has been involved as a major donor/supporter for many years via his Board position on the Baskin Family Foundation. Rafe has extensive corporate and entrepreneurial experience, formerly leading marketing, product development and innovation teams at Coca-Cola, the Walt Disney Company and UK-based spirits company Diageo. Rafe is also Founder and Executive Chair of Sofar Sounds. Sofar Sounds reimagines the live music experience for artists and fans through intimate, often secret performances in people’s homes and other non-traditional spaces. Since its founding in 2009, Sofar has grown from a grassroots community movement to nearly a thousand local events per month in hundreds of cities around the world. From Chicago originally, Rafe resides in London with his wife Stacey, who is also an active supporter of Facing History, and daughters Izzy and Chloe.