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The Battle of Cable Street mural depicts details from the confrontation between anti-Fascist demonstrators and Oswald Mosley and his Blackshirts in London's East End.
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An Introduction to Teaching Standing Up for Democracy

An introduction to our Standing Up for Democracy unit, which provides resources and strategies to support Citizenship and PSHE education in the classroom.



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Democracy & Civic Engagement

This one-hour webinar will introduce our 15-lesson unit, Standing Up for Democracy, written to support PSHE and Citizenship education. 

In recent years, a politics of difference has heightened suspicion and misunderstanding, threatening the ideals of democratic society. This unit is designed to inspire students to stand up for their democracy, and to help foster in them the critical thinking, mutual respect, and toleration necessary to renew the common enterprise of maintaining and sustaining society together. 

We explore the 15-lesson unit, which is grouped together into four themes: The Individual and Society; We and They; Understanding Human Rights; and Choosing to Participate. Drawing on historical case studies, such as the Bristol Bus Boycott and the Battle of Cable Street, students are encouraged to explore questions of identity, prejudice and belonging, consider the importance of protecting human rights, reflect upon the values that are critical to a respectful, multicultural society, and be inspired to Stand Up for our Democracy.

We are grateful to The Hammer Family for supporting the development of our on-demand learning and teaching resources.


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