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Community Matters: A Facing History & Ourselves Approach to Advisory

Our advisory curriculum for grades 8–10 contains a year’s worth of activities, handouts, and best practices for establishing inclusive communities where students can engage in honest discussions and build their voices.


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Adolescence is a time when two tasks take on special importance: determining our own individual identity and figuring out where and how we belong. These themes of identity, membership, belonging, and participation are the cornerstones of Facing History’s advisory curriculum for grades 8–10.

Built on a foundation of social and emotional learning, this curriculum provides a year’s worth of activities and materials designed to help you build student-centered spaces where honest questioning, discussion, and social and academic growth can occur.

Students who participate in this curriculum will

  • build understanding and empathy,
  • break down stereotypes,
  • discover their voices,
  • develop the skills necessary for academic and community success,
  • and build civic agency and find new ways to participate in the school and local community.

What’s Included

Our full-year advisory curriculum, available in print or PDF format, includes: 

  • Introductory materials including best practices for advisors, tips for fostering a reflective community, and sample advisory meeting maps
  • 69 activities
  • 34 handouts
  • 17 readings
  • 9 videos 
  • An appendix on designing your school’s advisory program

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Our advisory curriculum is also available in PDF format, organized by section and activity. Download as a zip file or access in Google Drive.

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The resources I’m getting from my colleagues through Facing History have been just invaluable.
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