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Curriculum Implementation Partnerships for School Districts

Our teaching materials and curricular resources spur student engagement, support educator learning, and foster a more equitable education environment.

Facing History’s Pedagogical Triangle for Historical and Civic Understanding informs and balances our program and lessons.

What does it look like to encourage deep learning, foster student agency, and prepare young people to thrive in a diverse and interconnected world?

Facing History & Ourselves can partner with you to provide a comprehensive approach to implementing our industry-leading resources. Our District Curriculum Partnerships are rooted in our time-tested pedagogical approach, supporting informed civic responsibility through intellectual rigor, emotional engagement, and ethical reflection.

Why Partner with Facing History?

Based on nearly 50 years of research, Facing History’s approach is academically rigorous, emotionally engaging, and proven to improve student outcomes. By working with us to provide professional development for teachers along with our curricular materials, you can strengthen the integration of social and emotional education, civic education, and equitable educational practices. 

Adopting our curriculum helps:

  • Students gain critical thinking skills, increase empathy and tolerance, explore civic responsibility, and believe they can make a difference in the world 
  • Teachers become more confident and skilled at fostering students’ academic, civic, and social and emotional learning
  • Classrooms and schools adopt more equity mindsets, and create the culture and conditions necessary for deep learning.
Working with Facing History has been pivotal to our work as we design curriculum that is intellectually rich, presents a full history, and encourages students’ growth as engaged citizens.
— Molly G. - Social Studies Consultant, Oakland Schools - Michigan

What’s Included? 

Districts can choose from one of our core social studies or ELA curriculum offerings to focus their partnership on:

  • Holocaust & Human Behavior
  • The Reconstruction Era
  • US History Collection: Democracy and Freedom
  • English Language Arts: Teaching Coming of Age in a Complex World

Each partnership includes three core components: 

  1. Professional learning
    Dynamic and engaging staff training for all educators who will be implementing the curriculum to introduce them to the material and give them hands-on guidance for how to integrate our materials in their classrooms.  
  2. Curriculum 
    Fully developed teaching materials and lesson plans, plus detailed teacher and student facing guides to support implementation of one of our core curriculum offerings for social studies, ELA, civics, and other humanities units 
  3. Ongoing support
    Includes follow-up coaching with implementing teachers, online office hours with Facing History program staff, and additional self-paced professional learning sessions.

Tailored to Your Needs

Each partnership can be customized to your district’s needs, including:

  • District-specific teaching materials
  • Standards-aligned curriculum mapping
  • Supplemental professional development on approaches to integrating SEL, Civic Ed, and equitable education practices
  • Evaluation and data

Facing History will work with you to address any specific needs before beginning implementation with school staff.

The core components of our district partnerships are implemented in three distinct phases.

Roadmap to Success

  1. Design & Launch

    Work in partnership with the Facing History team to select curriculum, outline your district's unique goals and challenges, and develop a detailed work plan for implementation.

  2. Teach & Learn

    Begin implementation and educator support, including scheduling and facilitating teacher trainings, providing teaching materials and launching curriculum integration, offering regular check-ins and support for both educators and district leadership.

  3. Continuous Improvement & Deepening Engagement

    Expand curriculum implementation, ensure sustainability, and develop long term innovations.

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