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Today, indigenous individuals and communities work to reconcile their worldview, traditions, and aspirations for self-expression and autonomy with the political and social reality of twenty-first-century Canada. In this chapter, we will explore examples of leaders and activists who are advocating for indigenous rights and culture.





Get an overview of the central themes you will explore in these readings on civic choices.

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Genocide & Mass Violence

White Paper, Red Paper

Learn how activists rejected the White Paper policy and led a campaign to get the Canadian government to honour its past agreements with the Indigenous nations.

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Blue Quills

Learn about the Blue Quills First Nation College, an example of a successful, independent Indigenous educational institution in Canada.

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Building Bridges through Culture

Find out about the Inuit cultural practice of throat-singing, Katajjaq, and what is gained from reviving this tradition.

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Feathers of Hope

Read excerpts from a plan created by indigenous youth activists to address the legacy of colonialism and residential schools in their communities.

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