"Stand Up to Racism" Demonstration in London.

‘Representation really matters’: Why Black history should be taught in British schools

A recently published article by Facing History Executive Director, Beki Martin, looking at why Black history should be taught in British schools

We are delighted to share an excellent article by our Executive Director, Beki Martin, featured on Open Access Government.

By diversifying the curriculum we write back into history the voices, stories and legacy of all of those who for so long have been whitewashed out of it. The commitment to giving young people this wider, more complete perspective is why teachers across the country are already doing the work to create more diverse and inclusive curricula for their students.

Studying a fuller version of history that incorporates the stories of all marginalised communities across race, religion, gender and sexuality, disability and class benefits everyone. Doing this allows us to consider more thoughtfully and empathetically what makes people feel connected or unconnected to their learning, as well as providing opportunities to ask what Britishness and British identity means in a post-colonial society.

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