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2022 Annual Report - Facing History UK

We are delighted to share our Annual Report and our highlights from 2021/22.

With the new calendar year underway, we are delighted to share some highlights from our Annual Report and Accounts for our year ending 30 June, 2022. 

You can find the full Annual Report here.

Our Charity

Our Reach

Our Future Plans

In the three years ending June 2022 we more than doubled the number of educators in our network, with 5,922 actively engaging with us since we started.

1,100 educators were trained by Facing History UK in the same period  – an increase of over 50% from previous years.

599 schools were calculated to have at least one active Facing History UK teacher.

We wrote and published the following materials for teachers to use in their classrooms. 

  • Two-part teaching idea on Ukraine to support teachers in talking to their students about the war and the resulting humanitarian crisis.
  • A lesson on the importance of understanding LGBTQ+ history and the discrimination experienced by members of the LGBTQ+  community.
  • A four-lesson unit on Discussing Race and Racism in the Classroom, which was published in response to requests from teachers and schools for materials to support them in having challenging conversations, including how to handle the occurrence of dehumanising language, both from students and in certain texts. 
  • Building a Classroom Community resource, aimed at supporting teachers to create brave, inclusive classrooms at the start of the school year and beyond.

This work is not possible without our fantastic supporters who give so generously in these difficult times. If you are interested in learning more about how you or your organisation could support us, please contact Sarah Boycott by emailing uk [at] facinghistory.org (uk[at]facinghistory[dot]org).

Finally, thank you to our amazing team! The hard work and dedication of our staff, Advisory Board and Trustees is what makes all this possible.



Read the Annual Report and Financial Statements 2021-22 in full