Antisemitism in Canada: A Webinar Series for Educators

This series of three webinars will provide support for educators to examine historical cases of antisemitism in Canada, while making connections to current events.

These webinars will help you and your students:

  • Build classroom spaces that allow for discussion of sensitive topics
  • Recognize and discuss both explicit and implicit manifestations of antisemitism
  • Examine cases of antisemitism in Canada’s past
  • Identify concrete ways that young people can participate in responding to instances of antisemitism, bigotry, and intolerance

Webinar 1: Preparing Your Classroom for Conversations about Antisemitism

Introducing your students to sensitive subjects such as historical and contemporary antisemitism requires a supportive and reflective learning environment. Join us as we model pedagogical approaches and tools that are central to creating such a classroom community. You will leave with concrete strategies you can use to engage your class when discussing cases of antisemitism, as well as other difficult issues.

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Webinar 2: None is Too Many: Antisemitism in Canada’s Past

Explore Canada’s restrictive immigration policies that led to the refusal to accept Jewish refugees from Europe during the years 1933–1948. Joined by Dr. Harold Troper, Jewish Canadian historian and author of None is Too Many: Canada And The Jews Of Europe 1933-1948, we will study how antisemitism contributed to these policies and helped define Canada’s universe of obligation. We will specifically examine how Canada turned away the MS St Louis, a ship carrying 937 Jewish refugees attempting to escape Nazi Germany. 

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Webinar 3: Teaching about Contemporary Antisemitism in Canada

This live webinar occurred on April 17, 2019 from 4:30–5:30 PM EST. Check back soon to view an on-demand recording.

Learn about the increasing number of hate crimes fueled by antisemitism in recent years in Canada, as well as examples of individuals, groups, and civic leaders standing up and speaking out against hate. Jeff McGuire, Executive Director of the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police will speak about the rising rates of Antisemitic hate crimes in Ontario and the ways that police units across Ontario are responding.  We will also explore the role of upstanders, and provide models for addressing hatred and intolerance for all of us to follow.   

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Hear from educators across Canada about their experience with Facing History and Ourselves:

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