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Russian partisans, one of them photographer Faye Schulman, gathering together in the forest, Naliboki Forest, Belarus, December 1944. The Molotava Brigade was a partisan group made up mostly of escaped Soviet Army POWs. The woman pictured is Faye Schulman, a Jewish woman who fled into the Naliboki forest with her camera equipment and joined the Molotova Brigade. For two years in the forest she photographed the partisan's activities, worked as medical aid and participated in the partisans raid's.

Explore the Partisans

Find interview transcripts, historical overviews, and primary source documents about a particular Jewish partisan or country.


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These video testimonies, interview transcripts, and primary source documents provide a window into the lives of the Jewish partisans—the women and men who fought in organized resistance groups across Europe during World War II.

Students are encouraged to use the resources here and on the Jewish Partisan Educational Foundation website to curate a museum exhibition dedicated to the Jewish partisans. See our lesson Creating Student Projects to implement this project-based learning activity in your classroom. Once students are assigned a partisan, they can begin exploring!

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