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The Importance of the Partisans

Learn about the key role that the partisans played in saving the lives of many Jews, Gentiles, and Greek citizens.


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Sara Fortis was born in Chalkis, a small town near Athens, Greece. When the Nazis invaded in 1941, Sara fled. While on the run, she agreed to join the resistance. In her new position,  Sara recruited other women and formed an all-female partisan unit. Here, she reflects on the importance of the partisans in Greece.

Without them, without the partisans, many Jews would have died or shared the fate of the Jews of Thessaloniki at Auschwitz. And they weren't the only ones; [also] many gentiles and many Greek people. They captured Greeks along with the Jews, those who helped the Jews, those who resisted—it was a very grave matter. 1

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