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Life in the Forest

Former Jewish partisan Frank Blaichman discusses how partisans persevered in the face of challenging weather, hunger, and suffering.
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Life in the Forest

We went through many hardships, many sufferings. I can't tell you what, somehow we overcame all those. And let me tell you another thing. The first two months, we were in forest.

It was very bad. We went through hunger, scary beatings, all kind of things. But none of us, including me, was complaining. You know what I was saying? "This is still better than to be in a concentration camp or a death camp, no matter what it is. And tomorrow are going to be another day." That I was telling myself, and all the others were saying the same thing.

And that's how we overcame all the things. We were sleeping in the forest in freezing rain, in storm, and the snow. The snow covered us up. In the morning, I got up, it was a blanket of snow. That's how we were living for a few months. Sometimes for several days going around wet, hungry, but still we didn't give it up.

Life in the Forest

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