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Thwarting the Nazis

Former Jewish partisan Aron Bell discusses the various acts of sabotage that partisan groups performed against the Nazis.
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Look, if you go from one city to the other, somewhere along the line has to be a bridge or a train, right, where the Nazis use. You go, you burn up the bridge. You go, you sabotage the railroad.

Or they accumulating-- they were getting together cows for them for food. You go, you burn up their food. Like a terrorist group-- hit and run.

Now, why did they do this? What was the reason they were doing this?

To get revenge, to hit them.

Was it revenge? Or was it to accomplish something militarily?

I don't know if militarily, but that was a problem to them. The partisans, not only the Jewish partisan, but so were the Russian partisans, they gave them a hell of a time to the Nazis, absolutely. They could not roam around freely. They had to go groups.

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