Holocaust and Human Behavior

Use the new edition of our core case study to learn and teach about the Holocaust and the profound moral questions this history raises for all of us.

Following Facing History’s unique methodology, Holocaust and Human Behavior uses readings, primary source material, and short documentary films to examine the challenging history of the Holocaust and prompt reflection on our world today. This website is designed to let you skip around or read the book from cover to cover. You can easily browse by reading or topic, collect resources, and build your own lessons using our playlist tool, or visit the teaching toolbox to find our lessons and unit outlines. The book is also available in print and PDF.

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Carefully organized into chapters just like a printed book, our table of contents is the easiest way to view the book’s full breadth of topics and materials.

Explore the book or plan your unit using the unique pedagogy we use to teach the Holocaust and other histories.

Find readings, images, maps, and videos sorted according to important Holocaust-related topics.

Get Our Companion Unit: Teaching Holocaust and Human Behavior

Lead your middle and high school students through a thorough examination of the history of the Holocaust. Over the course of the unit, students will learn to:

  • Craft an argumentative essay
  • Explore primary sources, videos, and readings that lead them through an in-depth study of the Holocaust
  • Recognize the societal consequences of "we" and "they" thinking
  • Understand the historical context in which the Nazi party rose to power and committed genocide


This new edition of Holocaust and Human Behavior is dedicated to Richard and Susan Smith, with special thanks to the Richard and Susan Smith Family Foundation.

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