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Holocaust and Human Behavior

Get a print or PDF version of our core resource on the Holocaust, which examines the challenging history of the Holocaust while prompting reflection on our world today.
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Holocaust and Human Behavior

ISBN: 978-1-940457-18-5
Date of Publication: December 2017


Format: Print Book
Cost: $40.00

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Explore the digital version of our core resource on the Holocaust to find classroom-ready readings, primary sources, and short documentary films that support a study of the Holocaust through the lens of human behavior.

Holocaust and Human Behavior uses our unique methodology to lead students through an examination of the history of the Holocaust, while fostering their skills in ethical reasoning, critical thinking, empathy, and civic engagement. 

By focusing on the choices of individuals who experienced this history—through primary sources, eyewitness testimonies, personal reflections, poetry, and images—students are given a lens to thoughtfully examine the universal themes and questions about human behavior inherent in a study of the Holocaust. Students are also prompted to draw connections between history and the world today.

Holocaust and Human Behavior was fully revised in 2016 to reflect the latest scholarship on Nazi Germany and the Holocaust, as well as new research from the fields of neuroscience and the psychology of bias and prejudice.

In addition to over 200 student-facing readings, this resource contains maps, historical photographs, visual essays, and recommended streaming videos. Order a print copy below or explore the digital version

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