Think, Pair, Share


In an activity based on the Think, Pair, Share strategy, students write and discuss their ideas with a partner before sharing them with the larger group. This format gives students the opportunity to thoughtfully respond to questions in written form and to engage in meaningful dialogue with other students about these issues. It is a helpful way to give students time to compose their ideas before sharing with them with the class. The Think, Pair, Share strategy helps students build confidence, encourages greater participation, and often results in more thoughtful discussions.


  1. Think
    Have students reflect on a given question or write a response in their journals.
  2. Pair
    Have students pair up and share their responses.
  3. Share
    When the larger group reconvenes, ask pairs to report back on their conversations. Alternatively, you could ask students to share what their partner said. In this way, the strategy focuses on students’ skills as careful listeners.

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