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Bio-Poem Examples

This reading contains 3 examples of a bio-poem, an 11-line poem describing a person.
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Date of Publication: February 2023

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Share these bio-poem examples with students to use as a guide when they write their own bio-poems.

Friendly, silly, athletic, tall
Son of John and Brenda
Who loves chocolate chip ice cream, the Grizzlies, and Saturdays
Who feels happy, tired, and lucky
And who is scared of tests, thunderstorms, and failure
Who learned how to shoot a three-point shot and won a basketball trophy
Who hopes to see an NBA game and make his parents proud
Lives in Memphis, Tennessee

Loud, short, gymnast, smiley, responsible
Friend of Lila, Carly, and Grace
Loves to do cartwheels, eat raw cookie dough, and write poetry
Who feels excited on weekends and embarrassed at school
Who learned how to do a handstand when she was three years old
Who hopes that everyone could get along
Resident of Tennessee

Proud, courageous, eloquent, wise
Leader to millions
Who loved nonviolence, god, and humanity
Who felt outraged by hate and prejudice
And who was inspired by acts of kindness
Who gained greater dignity for his people
And hoped everyone could leave in peace
He lives in our hearts
Luther King, Jr.

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