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Welcoming our New President & CEO

—Desmond K. Blackburn, PhD

"I believe in the power of Facing History."

—Durias D., Facing History Alum

“I know I can always turn to Facing History.”

—Eran D., Educator

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“I went to a Facing History workshop and it opened my eyes."

—Tareeq R., Educator

"We knew that we wanted to have Facing History be a part of the school from the beginning."

—Meredith G., Founder of New Haven Academy

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Facing History & Ourselves
uses lessons of history
to challenge teachers
and their students
to stand up to bigotry and hate.

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And hopefully, they will always remember what happened to us and make sure that it won't happen again.

Sonia Weitz, Holocaust survivor and poet

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Our offerings introduce educators to innovative teaching strategies, resources, and the scholarship that make teachers more effective and lead to increased student engagement and learning.
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Our Impact

  • Orange icon of a student raising their hand and standing at their desk.
    Facing History students are 94% more likely than their peers to report that their class motivated them to learn.
  • Aqua and black icon of an upstander student.
    92% of Facing History teachers agree that Facing History helps their students stand up for what they believe even when others disagree.
  • A purple stack of books with the number 91% on top of it.
    91% of elective teachers agree or strongly agree that their Facing History course promoted their students’ abilities to ground reading, writing, and speaking in evidence from text.