Identity and Storytelling

A Facing History Text Set

Essential question: What makes me, me?
What story do I want to tell about who I am and what matters to me?

Who is this text set for?

  • Designed for grades 8–10 and adaptable for grade 7
  • Used over the course of 1–2 weeks
  • Introduces or supplements a coming-of-age unit centered on a work of literature, literature circles, or self-directed student book clubs
  • Organized around guiding questions and suggested activities, culminating in a menu of summative assessments


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This Text Set is also available in Google Doc format.

Our Text Set includes:

A group of icons displaying an etching, video, microphone, text set, and personal narrative.
1 Set of etchings
1 Video

1 Spoken word poem
2 Informational texts
4 Personal narratives

We Want to Work with You

If you would like to implement this text set as part of a larger Facing History program in your school or district, contact us at [email protected].

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