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Community Matters: A Facing History and Ourselves Approach to Advisory

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Cover of Community Matters Advisory curriculum

This year-long advisory curriculum for grades 8–10 is designed to help you build student-centered spaces where honest questioning, discussion, and social and academic growth can occur. It contains over 60 activities, 50 student handouts, and best practices for establishing an inclusive and welcoming advisory.

Built on a foundation of social-emotional learning, this curriculum supports and challenges young people who are beginning to see themselves as unique individuals with a desire to belong.

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Community Matters: A Facing History and Ourselves Approach to Advisory

This program supports schools establish safe and inclusive communities where students can engage in honest discussions and build their voices.

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Exploring Identity and Community: 18-week Curriculum Outline

This outline provides an instructional pathway for educators to teach an 18-week curriculum exploring questions of identity, family legacy, group membership and choices. Recommended for 6th-grade educators.

It is based on the following resources: 1) Unit: Identity & Community, 2) Unit: My Part of the Story, 3) Novel: Wonder, and 4) Memoir: Brown Girl Dreaming.

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The new Choices in Little Rock Unit Outline provides an instructional pathway for teaching the original Choices in Little Rock resource.


Taking School Online With a Student-Centered Approach

The resources in this packet are designed to help teachers approach online learning with a focus on sustaining community, supporting students, and creating engaging, meaningful learning experiences.

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