A Guide for Supporting Remote Student Book Clubs

In this Facing History book club guide, we provide educators with the resources, strategies, and materials they need to prepare students for a meaningful book club experience.

With schools closed around the world, the thoughtfulness and creativity of educators have never before been so important. The physical distancing required to curb the spread of COVID-19 has created an unprecedented challenge to the task of nurturing community for all of us, including young people. One way educators can nurture their learning communities and help students feel connected during this time is through remote book clubs.

Book clubs decrease social isolation, foster community, and empower students to engage in conversations about what they are reading and the lives they are living. Now more than ever, we need to build this sense of connectedness, to foster empathy, and to create opportunities for shared experiences.

Features of This Guide:

  • Core principles for remote book clubs
  • Tips for identifying books and getting them to students
  • Guidelines to launching book clubs and establishing norms and procedures
  • Teacher planning checklists
  • Handouts to support student group discussions and additional activities
  • Links to additional online resources

Our Remote Book Club Guide is available to download as a PDF or to view online at the links below:

Remote Book Clubs: Nurturing Community and Connection

Remote Book Clubs: Nurturing Community and Connection

This guide provides tips and resources for launching remote book clubs that foster a sense of community and connection among students during this period of physical distancing.

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