Plan the First Meeting: Contracts and Schedules

Once students are organized into their book clubs, it’s time for them to take over the process! One way for groups to foster community and get organized is to spend their first meeting creating contracts and schedules.

  1. Establish norms and create a contract
    The first time students meet in their book clubs, they can create a contract to establish norms for discussions and participation. They can also choose a group name, motto, and design a shield as a way to establish their collective identity. After creating their contracts, book clubs can share them with you along with a reflection about the process. This could happen via email, on a shared Google Doc, or in a small-group or breakout video meeting.

  2. Create a reading and meeting schedule
    Since students are learning from home, it will help them organize their time if they create a book club reading and meeting schedule, which they can then share with their teacher.

Questions to Consider:

  1. For how many weeks and how often should book clubs meet?
  2. How will book clubs share their calendars and contracts with me?
  3. What technology will they use for their meetings? Which students on my roster will need tech support?
  4. How will I check in with individuals and groups to see how book clubs are going?

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Remote Book Clubs: Nurturing Community and Connection

Remote Book Clubs: Nurturing Community and Connection

This guide provides tips and resources for launching remote book clubs that foster a sense of community and connection among students. 

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