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Facing History fosters empathy and reflection, improves students’ academic performance, reinvigorates teachers, and builds safe and inclusive schools.


Powerful Learning with Lasting Effects

By integrating the study of history, literature, and human behavior with ethical decision making and innovative teaching strategies, our program enables secondary school teachers to promote students’ historical understanding, critical thinking, and social-emotional learning. As students explore the complexities of history, and make connections to current events, they reflect on the choices they confront today and consider how they can make a difference.

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We are teachers too. We understand the value of an advocate who supports you at every step. Watch and learn about the unique ways we partner with teachers.

Facing History's Approach

Facing History’s unique approach to pedagogy, classroom resources, professional development, coaching, and support equips teachers with the tools and strategies they need to help students become thoughtful, responsible citizens.

Experience exceptional seminars and workshops followed by personalized coaching and support.
Plan a semester-long course, find the perfect lesson plan to teach tomorrow's class, or try out a new teaching strategy.
Teachers learn to integrate the study of history and literature with ethical decision-making, leading to increased critical thinking, social-emotional learning, historical understanding, and empathy among students.

Tailored Programs

The Facing History model is flexible and responsive, meeting the needs of individual teachers, whole schools, and entire districts through our regional offices, and online campus. In addition to our general program activities, we also support specific settings and initiatives.

Our schoolwide program, backed by decades of evidence, integrates student-centered teaching practices that embed these ideas throughout school culture and curriculum.

This unique program expands students’ exploration of their Jewish identity, deepens their understanding of modern Jewish history, and honors the principles of social justice and repairing the world.

We work with independent and parochial schools to help them realize their mission and provide a framework for school-wide programming, whole-staff engagement, and curriculum planning.

Addressing the Needs of Urban Education

Facing History is committed to teachers and students in underserved urban areas, which represent over 60% of our work in schools. By providing content and pedagogy that increases teacher effectiveness and stimulates students to learn at the highest level, Facing History works to bridge the opportunity gap that impedes success for young people in under-resourced communities.

Teacher-Tested, Backed by Research

Backed by over 140 research studies, our approach is teacher-tested, meets state standards, and is responsive to the changing educational landscape.

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