Choosing To Participate (revised edition)

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Choosing to Participate focuses on the civic choices—both large and small—people make about themselves and others in their community, nation, and world. As teachers and students explore the readings in this collection, they will come to understand that choices people make may not seem important at the time, but little by little they shape us as individuals and responsible global citizens. The stories in this collection focus on individuals and groups—the famous and the not so famous—wrestling with a question that many young people ask: How can I make a positive difference in the world?

This resource is a valuable addition to units on civics, government, and US history. 

Features include:

  • 10 readings centered around the following themes: civic participation, democracy, bystanders vs. upstanders, community, segregation
  • Accompanying video/audio links for a multimedia component to each reading
  • Connections questions to stimulate classroom conversation

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It is based on the following resources: 1) Unit: Choices in Little Rock, 2) Memoir: Warriors Don’t Cry, 3) Unit: My Part of the Story, and 4) Nonfiction Book: Enrique’s Journey.

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