Engage Memphis

A Facing History Student Leadership Group Voting Initiative

Let's Get Engaged, Memphis!

In July, 2018, Members of Facing History and Ourselves’ Memphis Student Leadership Group (SLG), representing 17 high schools in Shelby County, started learning more about the history of voting rights in the United States. In response to this new knowledge, these area teens have decided to develop a social action campaign, Engage Memphis, to re-engage voters who are currently not voting. Through summer and into fall, the SLG will participate in workshops, learning the history of voting rights and tactics to re-engage voters in the Memphis community today.

This initiative recognizes the leadership role young people played in the strategy, the sustained efforts and footwork necessary to actualize the Voting Rights Act, and how students can choose to participate today. We are grateful for the generosity of the Assisi Foundation of Memphis for their support of Engage Memphis.

Ways You Can Be Involved:

Learn More about Engage Memphis

Read the Chalkbeat article describing the student summit, the goals of the initiative, and how students are leading voter reengagement.

Teach about Voting Rights and the Midterm Elections

Use this teaching idea to help students explore the expansion and constriction of voting rights throughout US history.

About the Student Leadership Group

Facing History’s Student Leadership Group (SLG), generously funded by the Plough Foundation, started in 1997 and is now comprised of 17 high schools. Each school has a group of 6-8 student leaders, led by a pair of ambassadors, who participate in Facing History trainings on leadership, facilitating difficult conversations, anti-bullying, being an upstander, and civil rights history throughout the year. Those students lead Facing History groups on each of their campuses, which range from 6 to 40 students. Twice a year, the SLG leads Teach-Ins in which the students work in small groups to facilitate learning sessions for the community. Each student is required to bring 5 adults from their own lives resulting in a very diverse, cross-community conversation.

Organizations Helping Engage Memphis

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