The Facing History Chicago Schools Alliance

While the application window for the 2020-2021 school year is now closed, please complete this form to receive updates about next year’s application process and other Facing History engagement opportunities.

Facing History~Chicago is committed to partnering with Alliance Schools for whole school work to strengthen school culture and climate, and to help ensure students' success in the coming school year. 

The Facing History and Ourselves Chicago Schools Alliance, launched in 2015, is grounded in evidence that “whole-school implementation leads to increased teacher effectiveness and commitment, improvements in students’ academic and civic learning outcomes, a safer and more respectful classroom environment, and a transformed school culture.” Today, 36 Chicago Public middle and high schools partner with Facing History for whole school work, in addition to five suburban, parochial, and private schools in Chicagoland.

Membership in the Chicago Schools Alliance:

Diversity and equity are core values of Facing History and Ourselves. We are committed to creating a Chicago Schools Alliance that reflects the diversity of students throughout our city. Priority for acceptance is given to schools that are historically underserved or located in communities that are currently underrepresented in the Alliance.  Partnership with Facing History through the Chicago Schools Alliance supports school leadership, staff, and students in the following ways: 

Through the Alliance partnership, Facing History Chicago commits to:

  1. Provide professional development at no cost for:
    • Humanities teachers on core content
    • School and Instructional Leaders (networking opportunities)
  2. Consultation with school leadership to develop and implement a vision, aligned with existing schools goals, related to school culture and Facing History and Ourselves
  3. Invitations to special events and conferences for all members of the Chicago Schools Alliance to network and learn from one another
  4. Follow up support and coaching for Facing History and Ourselves-trained teachers from Facing History staff
  5. Celebrate and promote the school’s successes on Facing History's social media channels. 

Through the Alliance partnership, Alliance Schools commit to:

  1. Engage leadership, with the principal or designated administrative liaison identifying a diverse leadership team for the school and committing to both participating themself and to teacher participation in professional development and network events
  2. Convene an Alliance School leadership team that attends network gatherings, meets with Facing History and Ourselves program staff, and communicates regularly
  3. Send educators to professional development over the summer and throughout the school year, aligned with your school’s focus area. Schools choose one of three strands to guide their partnership with Facing History:
    • Whole School Culture and Climate
    • Race and Equity in Education
    • Curriculum and Pedagogy focused on Social Science and Humanities
  4. Share successes and challenges in order to contribute to a conversation among schools in the Facing History Chicago Alliance Schools network.
  5. Acknowledge Facing History and Ourselves as a source of professional development and curricular resources and including the Facing History logo on the website.


Thanks to the support of generous funding partners, we are pleased to be able to waive all fees for participation in this project.


Any principal or school leader is invited to apply. Schools who were previously members of the Chicago Schools Alliance but are not currently may apply again as a new school. Schools who are members of the Chicago Schools Alliance currently must submit a renewal application to sustain their membership in the Alliance.

Timeline for Application Process:

The 2021 - 2022 application period will open in Spring 2021. Please complete this form to receive updates about next year’s application process and other opportunities for engagement with Facing History.

Have questions? Need additional support? Contact us at [email protected].

March 9, 2020

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