Photography from Aftermath: Bosnia's Long Road to Peace

Photography from Bosnia

View images from photographer Sara Terry detailing the aftermath of the 1992–1995 war in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

A Muslim Window

A Muslim widow examines body bags containing the remains of recently exhumed victims of the 1992 “ethnic cleansing” campaign waged by Serbs against their Muslim neighbors (July 2001). Exhumations of mass graves began in 1996 and are expected to last for many years to come. Nearly 30,000 Muslims—most of them civilians—were listed as missing at the end of the war; most are believed to have been victims of “ethnic cleansing.”

Legendary Jumper

One of Mostar’s legendary jumpers throws himself from the town’s famed bridge, which stands more than 80 feet high. Eleven years after the bridge was destroyed during the 1992–1995 war, the rebuilt structure was opened to the public following a ceremony that drew many foreign officials, including Prince Charles. Local jumpers and divers wasted no time returning to one of their favorite pastimes before the war—collecting change from tourists who watch them jump. Local athletes also used the opportunity to prepare for the 448th annual jumping and diving competition, held the following week.

Prayer for the Dead

Muslim widows are seen here during the prayer for the dead offered at the groundbreaking of a memorial site for the 7,000 to 8,000 Muslim men and boys who were massacred by Bosnian Serb forces in 1995.

Roadside Vendor

A roadside vendor in Bosnia, hoping to attract passing drivers, offers goldfish for sale.


Laser-engraved headstones show images of Bosnian Serb soldiers who were killed during the war. The cemetery is in Visegrad, in eastern Bosnia, a town where some 2,000 Muslim men and boys were killed by Serbs in the spring of 1992. Eight years after the end of the war, the former Muslim-majority town remains overwhelmingly Serb.

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