Scope and Sequence

Every Facing History and Ourselves unit or course follows a specific progression of themes. We call this our “scope and sequence” or “the Facing History journey.”

The journey begins by examining common human behaviors, beliefs, and attitudes students can readily observe in their own lives. Students then explore a historical case study, such as the Holocaust, and analyze how those patterns of human behavior may have influenced the choices individuals made in the past—to participate, stand by, or stand up—in the face of injustice and, eventually, mass murder. Students then examine how the history they studied continues to influence our world today, and they consider how they might choose to participate in bringing about a more humane, just, compassionate world. Our scope and sequence promotes students’ historical understanding, critical thinking, empathy, and social–emotional learning.

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We have organized the Holocaust and Human Behavior readings into chapters, just like a printed book. Use the table of contents to orient yourself to this resource.

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