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The Nanjing Atrocities Timeline

A timeline of selected dates and events that align with the content explored in our resources on the Nanjing atrocities.
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July 1937: Marco Polo Bridge Incident, outbreak of (Second) Sino-Japanese War

August 1937: Formation of the Shanghai Expeditionary Army

November 1937: Formation of the Central China Area Army (CCAA), establishment of the General Headquarters (GHQ)

December 1, 1937: GHQ orders attack on Nanjing

December 7, 1937: Chiang Kai-Shek and Madame Chiang flee Nanjing

December 10, 1937: General attack on Nanjing begins

December 12, 1937: Japanese planes sink USS Panay (Panay Incident)

December 13, 1937: Nanjing falls

December 17, 1937: Entry ceremony held in Nanjing

January 1, 1938: Nanjing Self-governing Committee established

February 1938: General Matsui relieved of CCAA Commander’s Post

March 1938: Republic of China Reform Government established in Nanjing

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