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Developing Student Voice, Character, and Civic Agency

Lead students in an examination of identity, membership and belonging, and civic participation through an analysis of historical case studies and literature.


At a Glance



English — US


  • History
  • Social Studies


  • The Holocaust
  • Democracy & Civic Engagement
  • Global Migration & Immigration
  • Racism


About This Collection

Each curriculum outline provides a roadmap for an 18-week study with links to the necessary activities, materials, and assessments. They are flexible and can be used in shorter increments than 18-weeks. In each curriculum, students explore questions of identity, membership and belonging, choices, and civic participation through different historical case studies and literature selections. They culminate their study with a final project that challenges students to create plans for how they can work with others and on their own to be upstanders in their school and local communities.

This collection includes:

  • 3 curriculum outlines

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Facing History & Ourselves is designed for educators who want to help students explore identity, think critically, grow emotionally, act ethically, and participate in civic life. It’s hard work, so we’ve developed some go-to professional learning opportunities to help you along the way.

Using the strategies from Facing History is almost like an awakening.
— Claudia Bautista, Santa Monica, Calif