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Choices in Little Rock

Get resources for teaching a unit on the efforts to desegregate Central High School in Little Rock, explored through the lens of civic choices. 


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Multiple weeks
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About This Collection

Efforts to desegregate Central High School in Little Rock resulted in a crisis that historian Taylor Branch describes as "the most severe test of the Constitution since the Civil War." Our resources on Little Rock ask students to examine these events through the question, “​​How much power do ordinary people have to change the world?”

The resources in this collection provide multiple instructional-pathways for teaching this history, as well as student materials available in both English and Spanish.

How much power do ordinary people have to change the world?

This collection includes: 

  • Choices in Little Rock original resource 
  • Unit Outline with a 5-week pathway for teaching our original resource
  • Student Guide, available in English and Spanish  
  • Common Core writing supplement 
  • Guide to the memoir of one of the Little Rock Nine 
  • 3 videos and 1 reading to supplement your teaching 


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